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We Have a Big Announcement!

Our new website is officially live!

We are so excited to share this big news. As new owners of the Inn, this was one of the biggest projects we wanted to accomplish. We realized quickly that the old website was outdated and did not give us a chance to show you how beautiful our Inn is and how much we love our community in the beautiful Berkshires. We hope you enjoy our beautiful new website.

Here are some of new website features:

NEW online booking reservation system

Brand new photos of the Inn and rooms

Updated Monthly Blog

Sign up form for our monthly newsletter

And much more!

As it gets closer to the summer season, we will begin to announce some of our packages that will be available all year along, in addition to the limited-time specials we currently have available. And yes, that does include a Tanglewood package for the upcoming summer season!

Please give us a call at 413-232-4600 or email us at info@shakermillinn.com if you have any questions or concerns about the new website. We welcome any feedback that you might have!


John & Patti Campbell


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