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COVID-19 Updates

It's a difficult time for all Americans and businesses of all sizes during the Covid-19 pandemic. There is some hope as our country's leaders decide on how to open our economy after May 1st. But until then, we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these times!

In the meantime, we want to keep you up to date on the Shaker Mill Inn and local businesses in the Berkshires. Here are some updates on the local businesses in our area.

Shaker Mill Inn:

We are temporarily closed until May 15th, however, that may change per the CDC Guidelines. We will monitor closely as the guidelines change, but until then, we will still provide lodging for first responders and health care provides in our area.


No official announcements have been made, but they will try to move forward with their 2020 summer season as planned (as much as possible). They are offering some behind the scenes and listening at home experiences and you find them here. If you can also find the 2020 summer season line up here


They are temporarily closed and have announced this week they are either postponing or canceling all scheduled performances through June 20th. For a specific list please click here.

Aston Magna:

They announced yesterday that they are suspending their 48th annual Aston Magna Music Festival that was scheduled for early July. If conditions approve, they may reschedule the festival for August.

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